About Ohio Anodizing

Ohio Anodizing Co., Inc. was founded in 1994 by three men; Jim Hoyle, Joe Watkins and Keith Willike. Each owner brings different attributes to the business, which enables the company to be successful. Jim, Joe and Keith, each have more than 20 years of experience in aluminum finishing, specifically anodizing in a job-shop type environment.

Servicing customers is what makes Ohio Anodizing successful. Their customers rely on Ohio Anodizing to expedite their orders through their facility with the utmost attention to quality and timely delivery of finished products to their destination. The company's commitment to customer service helps to keep Ohio Anodizing flexible, while still being able to process large volume jobs.

Ohio Anodizing has 30-foot architectural anodizing tanks, 7 feet deep. Ohio Anodizing’s architectural anodizing line serves many industries. Products anodized commonly are louvers, roof units, curtain walls, ceilings, floors, lobbies, staircases, hand railings, window frames, bus frames and reflectors. Also, Ohio Anodizing has two 9-foot lines, one for bright dip anodizing to process reflectors, automotive grills and bumpers, another for RoHS Compliant conversion coating and Black Organic dye as well as clear anodize capabilities.